What are the benefits of doing a CCNA course and what are the job profiles offered for this certification?

  • CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification introduced by Cisco, it checks the basics of networking, routing, data flow. It helps engineers to get to know the hardware basics. This is a second-level certification issued by Cisco next to CCENT.

    Benefits of CCNA Course:

    It covers all the solutions for new network engineers. Once you pass the certification, it means you are ready to take up the work immediately without the need for learning any additional certifications.

    It covers TCP/IP, OSI model, in addition to this it meets with the latest updates sinking with the hardware.

    CCNA certification is considered trustworthy in the job market and CCNA professionals are in huge demand.

    It helps in plunging opportunities, even the certified engineers are eligible to try as a freelance CCNA Engineer, Platforms such as field engineer are offering a number of job opportunities worldwide.

    Unlike other certifications, CCNA doesn't focus on a single point in networking, it speaks about both hardware & software

    Skills Gauged through CCNA Certification:

    CCNA Certification touches different aspects of networking, starting from cables recognition till planning and implementing the network. We can select some specific areas in which you want to be expertise.

    Routing & Switching: It covers the special area in Routers & Switching, it covers both software & hardware concepts. CCNA Routing & Switching Certification Supports this.

    Wireless: Wireless has become mandatory these days, it helps engineers to work with the modern AC systems. CCNA Wireless certification helps to do this.

    Data Center: Building & managing Datacenter has become hard these days, through CCNA it is made easy. CCNA Data Center Certification helps in this.

    Cloud: Most of the businesses today want to store little data on their networks, instead of relying on the cloud for everything, CCNA Cloud Certification enables this feature.

    Security: network security is considered an important aspect in today's world, especially CCNA Security Certification enables to get better knowledge on Firewalls, how to tackle security issues,etc..

    Collaboration: Businesses holding complex networks needs technicians that can collaborate with the huge networks, this is possible if the professional is CCNA Collaboration Certified.

    Cisco is offering good scope for engineers who are looking for CCNA

    It's a good opportunity for engineers who are looking to hold CCNA certification, the certification is allowing engineers to pick the specific area of expertise.

    For more details take a look of different CCNA Certifications from official Cisco Website:



    Article Source: http://www.kcn.ne.jp/~taka/wiki/index.cgi?CCNACourse

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